Walgreens Wake Up Call

By the time I was 20, I had been diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and SLE Lupus. I was also a new mom and felt like my world was crashing down with constant doctors appointments, sick days, and new medications to try help manage my chronic illness. That is why Walgreens Wake Up Call is so important to me! Walgreens is ordering a Wake Up Call for Americans to take their prescribed medications correctly and on time.

When I was just five years old I began falling asleep in class and gaining weight. I was sent to Stanford Children’s Hospital where they diagnosed me with Hashimotos disease. Fast forward to middle school, I began having severe stomach and intestinal problems. Talk about embarrassing for a young girl to have to go through. After days in and out of the hospital, a few procedures, and trying different medications, I was later diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. That was really hard for me but I was going to hit an even bigger hurtle in just a few years. When I became pregnant with my son, my health really began to decline. I was sick more than I wasn’t and the doctors began to be concerned. After a month of many blood tests, I was hit with a scary diagnosis. My doctors told me that I had SLE Lupus and if I didn’t start my medications, I could potentially continue to have my health decline. For me, being a mother of two, that was not an option. Taking my medications on time and as prescribed is to the most importance. It allows me to feel better, have less “sick” days, and continue to be active with my children. I never want my children to go a day in their life wishing their mommy could go play ball with them or run around at the park. Even then, one of the biggest struggles I have had during my journey is finding a good schedule and keeping it when it comes to taking my medications on time.

Did you know that about 50% of Americans aren’t taking their medication as prescribed or on time? That is a scary percentage! Many Americans either miss a dose here and there or fail to pick up their prescription on time. These can lead to lingering symptoms, more trips to the doctor, higher costs, and other medical complications. Walgreens has set out on a mission to help those in need! With the Walgreens app, you have multiple tools to help you every step of the way.

The Walgreen App offers:

  • Walgreens 24/7 Pharamacy Chat. Have a question late at night and don’t want to wait till the morning to call the doctor or Pharamacy? Walgreens 24/7 chat is there for you no matter what time of the day. They can help answer any questions you may have regarding your medication and how to take it.
  • Save a Trip Refill. Easy and quick refills at the touch of a hand. Walgreens has made a tool to where you can schedule to have all your medication picked up the same day.
  • Walgreens Pill Reminder. Constantly forgetting when you are supposed to take your medication? Walgreens Pill Reminder has your back. Their app helps you stay on track with all your medications.
  • FREE shipping. Get free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
  • Pre-pay. Pay before you head to the pharmacy for an even quicker pick up!
  • Easily manage your family’s prescriptions. Set prescriptions to automatically refill, view family history, and even schedule vaccinations.Walgreens is continuing to go above and beyond helping make it more convenient for Americans. By taking you medication as prescribed and on time, you have a higher chance of feeling better as well as saving money from extra doctor trips and other medical costs. Walgreens also offers one on one support with a pharmacist at all of their pharmacy locations. This means if you pick up a medication or even a few different medications and have any concern, you can get the help right there before leaving. No matter if you are struggling to take your prescribed medication on time or forget to refill, Walgreens App can help you! Make sure to download the Walgreens App here and join us as we help American’s all over the nation Wake Up!
  • This blog is sponsored by Walgreens but all opinions are my own.


    Christian Mulkey

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