Falling in love with my body after kids

Falling in love with your body again after having kids can be hard. It took me until after our second was born for me to truly start to feel comfortable in my own skin. Yet I still catch myself looking at some pictures in disgust. Those stretch marks. Those dimp, cellulite filled legs. The big arms and flappy skin. Those back rolls. The rolls in general. My c-section “shelf” I feel like I’m never going to get rid of. My saggy boobs that were once blump and didn’t need extra love from the push up section. See I can look at a picture of myself and pick myself apart all day long. I have many times before. But then I began to love all my imperfections. We weren’t made to look airbrushed or to have the perfect body, although some ladies bounce back and I envy you. I for one, did not just bounce back. I remember at my lowest low with my love/hate relationship with body my husband continuously would tell me I was beautiful. He always told me, no matter my shape or size I would always be beautiful to him when I would respond with “You are crazy”. So why didn’t I feel beautiful myself? I constantly looked at other women and compared. That was my biggest problem, I was comparing my body to others. I am me, not them. I was made just the way I am and even though some days are hard, I began to open my eyes to the fact I don’t need to look like a super model. I don’t need to have absolutely perfect body as long as I love how I look. Now, to get to that point took awhile to truly feel inside but I’m here. It took me no longer comparing myself to others and truly opening my eyes to the fact I don’t have to look like the mom in the magazine or online. I came to terms that I’ll never be the same size I was at 16 because I was a teenager and I am now a women with two kids. I have to be happy, truly happy inside and only then will I shine no matter my size or shape. When I reached that point, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder.

If you are dealing with body image problems or feel like you have fallen out of love, remember you are one of a kind and beautiful. You don’t need to look like anyone else but you! Go out and buy a new shirt or dress. Put it on and rock it because you my girl, are beautiful!


Christian Mulkey

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