Easter on a budget

This year I procrastinated, I won’t lie. We have had so many things going on I just finished the kids Easter baskets today. Normally we go above what we probably should and I typically have their baskets done way in advance. With our house always covered in toys and the kids not needing much more, we decided to keep their baskets small but fun. All of the items we put in their baskets this year they either needed or were small, fun items I knew they would love. Best part? All items were $12 or less! Keep reading to see how I spent less than $35 on both of our kids baskets last minute with items they will keep using through out spring and summer.

When we moved last fall, I threw away their old baskets so this year we just grabbed the $1 ones at Walmart. To me they are cute, cheap, and perfect sized for Easter egg hunts or stuffing a few items. They still had many left so don’t hesitate to run to Walmart and grab a few for the kids! Also make for great buckets at the lake, organizing toys, or even a little organizer in the closet.

I saw these at the end of the isle and just had to grab the kids each one. As a 90’s kid, these were my absolute favorite when growing up. It is a fun little activity for the kids to watch it grow in the water then play and use in the bath or around the house. My kids love fun little crafts and experiments like these. It’s also a total win for only $.98 at Walmart.

Instead of getting the kids a bunny, we picked them out to stuffed animals they could also use as pillows on our upcoming trip next month. My kids already have a lot of stuffed animals but can never have to many. Each are $5 in the toy isle at Walmart.

I wanted to fill the kids baskets with a few things I knew they needed but would still have fun with. With living close to the lakes and rivers as well as the beach, both kids had been needing a new bath suit. What better time! Walmart had some super cute styles and for only $7 compared to much higher at other retail stores.

I found these little play pack perfect for coloring while waiting for Easter or bringing along in the car. It comes with 4 crayons, a sticker page, and a 24 page fun size coloring book. Another great for $.98 in the Easter section at Walmart.

I am not a huge fan of candy for holidays, so I try to avoid it when we can. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit my kids have treats. But on holidays they are already getting more than normal so I also try to find healthier options. This year we grabbed the kids favorite Fiber One Brownies. Yes, you read that right. Nothing super exciting but to our kids it’s a treat and not as bad as a creme fill egg. A whole box I grabbed on sale for $2 at Grocery Outlet.

Last but not least, we decided to add Puddle Jumper life jackets to the side for an extra item since we already planned on getting the kids new ones this year. We got them for $12 each at Walmart and great for summer adventures.

Now, we couldn’t gone more crazy but for our kids these are perfect. Fun yet ideal and on budget. We spent a grand total of $30 for the baskets and all the gifts inside plus another $24 for the life jackets. Everything the basket except the coloring book can be reused and is perfect for our upcoming adventures meaning not only was it perfect for sticking to a budget but also great for getting a few things off of the list for summer. Even with a day till Easter, its not to late so make sure to head to your local Walmart! With some many items available to stick with your budget, it’s perfect for last minute grabs.

What is your favorite Easter basket stuffer??


Christian Mulkey

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