3 Day Potty Training

Yes, you read that right. THREE days and you could say goodbye to diapers. You can have the freedom and financial relief of no more diapers. As a parent, potty training can be very intimidating. Where to start? What am I even supposed to do? Why isn’t this working? It can also be very frustrating. Accidents. Refusing to go potty on the potty. More accidents. I researched and read so many articles but one method caught my eye. Potty training in a weekend. Was that even possible? We were going to put it to the test and see. We had attempted potty training the previous summer but after taking a beach vacation, got off track. With Macyns third birthday fast approaching, I knew it was time we got back to it and said goodbye once and for all. So this is what we did!

First off, you are going to need a few things before you start. These are what we bought and stocked up on, feel free to add or change to what your little one likes most!

  1. Rewards. This can be anything you feel your child is willing to work for. Macyn happens to LOVE Paw Patrol fruit snacks which is what we used as well. Also, at a week of no accidents, we took him to Walmart to pick out a Hot Wheel car. Whatever works for you and your toddler!
  2. Underwear. Make it fun! Take them to Walmart or Target to pick out their favorite part! You won’t need them till day 3 but have them on hand!
  3. Liquids. Water, milk, juice! Anything that will get your kids drinking drinking drinking!
  4. Snacks! Lots and lots of snacks, high in fiber is a bonus!
  5. Fun activities! In between potty runs, have fun things to be doing like crafts and puzzles.
  6. Potty pads. I’ll be honest, Macyn has never had an accident since potty training but he caught on very fast and does not like messes. For those who feel more comfortable with a back up place, potty pads are a good option for nap time and bedtime!
  7. Potty chair. This one is also optional. We got one but Macyn likes like big boy potty and never even used it. This really depends on your child. I suggest trying big potty first then getting a different one if your child wants.

Now remember, no matter what, do NOT give up!

Make sure to cancel all of your plans, you will be home for the next 3 days! It is so important to not leave the house for at least the first 3 days!

Day 1

Let the fun begin. First thing when your child wakes up remove their diaper, show you throwing it away saying “byebye” and strip them. Some kids may be fine in underwear from the start but we personally did nothing but naked the first two days besides a long sleeve. Yes not even a pull-up! Pull ups are often to close to diapers and prolong potty training. If it’s cold, then up the heat and throw on socks. First put your child on the potty and remind them that’s where they go and not in the diaper. Every 15 minutes ask “do you need to go peepee or poopoo” and every m 30 minutes put them on the potty. Start pushing drinks and snacks. Every time your child goes in the potty, PRAISE! Dance, sing, give high five! Afterwards, walk your child to their prize and praise them more! If you child has an accident, do not say “it’s okay”. Instead tell them “we go pee/poo in the potty” and walk them to the potty. It gives them a better understanding and let them know, no it’s not okay. By the 10-15 potty trip your child will begin to realize that this is where they are supposed to go and slowly catch on.

Day 2

More than anything, continue everything you did day 1. In the afternoon, go outside for a fun activity or for a quick adventure. No underwear, but loose pants. Try to be gone no longer than an hour. Make sure to go potty before leaving and continue to ask if they need potty to go while gone.

Day 3

You are almost done! Day three brings exciting things. Start the day with wearing underwear. Remind your child they go in the potty and only the potty. Continue to praise and reward, it is so important for your child to be just as excited about going in the potty! By now, accidents shouldn’t be as frequent and your child should be telling you when they need to go to the bathroom. You are over the worst and it is smooth sailing from here!

Your probably thinking, THATS IT?

Yes, that’s it. It takes a lot of time but is so worth it and the fastest way to potty train. Will your child have accidents off and on? Most likely yes. Our son caught on very quick and has done amazing. We tried pull ups. We tried gradual. It just didn’t work for us and I don’t personally think it’s the most effective. Will it be messy? Yes it may be but I’d much rather use my carpet cleaner and get it over with. As for night time, I suggest getting a waterproof mattress cover. Best $10 we ever bought. It’s a lot easier to get rid of diapers 100% then do 50/50. The first few nights may be hard but they will catch on just the same.

If you are still with me, I promise you that it is worth it! For outings the first couple months I recommend bringing a little potty in your trunk just in case! Some kids have trouble going to the bathroom in public for awhile so this is a good way to work your way into it!

You got this! I looked forward to saying goodbye to diapers for so long and I am so thankful to no longer be tied down by them. First few days may be hard but you are one step closer!

6 thoughts on “3 Day Potty Training

  1. You’re doing such a great job! Potty training is tough. So give yourself a pat on the back. 🖤

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  2. saving this for sure Ill be needing it by the end of the year! thanks for the share

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  3. Love this! I’ll be trying all of this, & possibly this weekend 😐 I’m so nervous about it, & I don’t really know why. I’ve been asking Nathan on/off about using the potty and he just says “no” so maybe, actually taking his diaper off and trying it that way will help. This is what I did with Vaeh for the most part, I guess it’s just nerve wracking because he’s a boy & I have never done it 😆 Fingers crosses!!! Thanks for sharing girl!

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  4. It took sooo long to toilet training my first. I am going to try this with Ezra when it’s time. Thanks for the tips!

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  5. I’m so glad you wrote this, once Jameson and Indie get a little older I’m going to try your way first.

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  6. Such a great post!! Thanks for the tips….i know potty training time is going to come up sooner than I expect!


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