Little adventurer

As Macyn nears his 3rd birthday, I can’t help but smile just thinking of what a little boy he has become especially over the last year. Such a wonderer, thrill seaker, giggly, mountain loving little boy. Among riding his scooter and playing sports, he loves any and all things outdoors.

Macyn loves to explore and luckily for him, our backyard is the open woods. As we do so often, we had a fun time walking near the dried up creek and climbing rocks. He gets so excited climbing rocks and reaching the top looking down on us. I can’t wait to watch him grow up in these very woods that I remember playing and camping in as a child.

One of Macyn’s favorite adventure necessities are these adorable rain boots from London Little. Macyn loves his rain boots from London Littles so much, he asks to wear them anywhere we go!

Macyn’s Winter Jacket: H & M Kids

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