Shine Responsibly with Fiona Diamonds

How many of you have heard, every girl’s best friend are diamonds right? But what is the true cost of diamonds. Up until recently, I was not aware of just how bad the diamond industry was. Even in the 21st century, child labor and poor environmental impacts are among the many cruel effects of mining diamonds. But that all is changing, thanks to Fiona diamonds.

I fell in love with these moissanite earrings. I have always loved diamond studs for their unique beauty and how easily dressed up or down they can be. But these earrings are on of a kind.

Fiona Diamonds mission against conflict diamonds is very dear to my heart, as I’m sure it is among many others. These beautiful studs possess the same quality color, cut, clarity, and carat but are brought to life in a lab which means no mining! When made in a controlled environment, we gain a peace of mind as there are no effects on humanity or nature. So are they real diamonds? Yes, they very much are real.

43C485EB-BB31-484C-8803-9D4C2611BBACJoin me as I SHINE RESPONSIBLY wearing these one of a kind cruelty free diamonds. Fiona Diamonds donates 5% of all profits to charities that help rescue children from mining as well as towards environmental causes! Use code CHRIST10 for 10% off your order.

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