Buddy Bagz

No matter if it’s for naptime, traveling, daycare, and even camping, Buddy Bagz are the perfect sleeping bag!
I don’t know about your kids, but my little ones love laying down with a soft blanket and relaxing. Our oldest has never been one to take long naps so sometimes we snuggle(I’m holding onto my snuggles for as long as he will give them) and he will drift off for a little bit. But then we discovered Buddy Bagz! This past week, I have laid out Macyn’s sleeping bags and he has snuggled his way in slowly drifting off to sleep allowing this momma to get to some work down around the house.

I love that they are packable which makes for easy travel not to mention they are so soft. They come in 8 different options to choose from, my kiddos chose the football and cupcake. Each one includes a stuffed animal, a slipping bag, a pillow, an overnight bag, a toiletry bag, a nightlight, and even has backpack straps to make it easy to carry. Our little ones have not put them away since we got them. My kids love them and I know yours will too!

Buddy Bagz

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