Earn cash back with Giving Assitant

As a mom of two, I try to be frugal in every possible way. Over the past couple years I have searched out ways to save money on my day to day purchases but sometimes it is hard. I have done couponing and watched for sales but let’s face it, us mothers don’t always have time for all that. But what if I told you that I found a website that gives you cash back on your purchases plus makes it easy to donate 1%-100% to your choice of charity? Pretty awesome right! Keep reading to learn more.


After we became a family of four, I began looking to find ways to save more money even on purchases like diapers and clothes. Kids aren’t cheap nor are my shopping habits. Then I came across Giving Assistant! Giving Assistant is a website that gives shoppers and consumers the chance to earn cash back through their site with well over 6 thousand popular stores that you already shop at day to day. I love that I am able to get cash back plus give back!

img_6026First step is setting up your account. It took me 2 1/2 minutes from start to finish to set my account up. Unlike some I have come across, it was very simple and a overall smooth process. Once my account had been completed, I was able to choose the option of Chrome Extension. Chrome Extension makes it easy to earn while shopping! Now it’s shopping time…


Personally, my favorite store through Giving Assistant is Walmart. I am familiar with my needs which makes it easier to earn fast. I was able to get 5.5% cash back with my shopping trip(or should I say pj party?) at Walmart using Giving Assistant.


Now for my favorite part! Giving Assistant makes it easy to donate to your favorite charity with your cash earned. You are able to choose from 1%-100% as well as you are able to choose which charity. You can also save up for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas or maybe even that vacation you have been dying to go on!


They have also made it simple to track all of your cash back earnings as well as your charity donations by going to your profile. All the money you earn is sent to your PayPal which means it is legit and safe!

Thank you for reading! Please comment and share if this grabs your attention.

What are your favorite ways to save money?

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