Encouraging your children to stay hydrated during the summer

As summer quickly approaches, so do the warmer temperatures. June is just around the corner, which also means that many of us, our family included, will begin spending more and more time outdoors. We love spending summer days at the river, lake, or hiking trails. Staying hydrated is very important, especially as the temperatures rise throughout the coming months.

As an adult, staying hydrated is fairly simple. We know when our bodies need to hydrate more and have an awareness of the temperatures and how they are affecting us. Children often don’t, however! Encouraging children to stay hydrated, especially during summer, is of the utmost importance! Both of our children enjoy sports and water activities, so we are often in the sun for hours on end. This makes staying hydrated even more important as dehydration can lead to serious health issues.

Having a fun water bottle often helps encourage children to drink more water more often when it is hot outside. You can ask your child what type of water bottle they would like by taking them into a store to pick it out or even having them shop alongside you online. We also like to get plain water bottles and let the kids add fun stickers to make them unique and their own.

Finding a water bottle that tracks how much water you drink is also great! This helps encourage children to drink more often and to help remind them of staying hydrated. We found ours on Amazon and the kids love them. I have also seen DIY bottles that are fairly easy to make with trackers for morning and afternoon, which is a great way to help encourage children to stay more hydrated throughout their day.

Make drinking water and staying hydrated fun! Often? children don’t like drinking water or don’t want to slow down long enough to drink water. We often make it a race to run to wherever the water bottles are to help encourage them to drink water while also still having fun. Adding fruit to their water is also a great way to elevate the basic flavor and add extra benefits and flavors. Our favorite combination is strawberry lemon, orange blueberry, and lemon cucumber, but the possibilities are endless depending on what yours and your children’s preference is.

This summer, I encourage you and your family to make an effort to stay more hydrated and drink more water! I know it can feel pestering, but water is so good for us and so important to drink enough of during the summer months!



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