Girls weekend in Las Vegas

Earlier this year a girlfriend and I started planning for a girls weekend away. It was a no brainer that we chose Las Vegas since we had both never been as adults and without kids. So after months of planning and excitement, we hopped on a plane and went away for a much needed girls weekend. If you follow me on social media, you know we had a blast. Many have reached out and asked for more details so I decided to share all the details you need for the perfect girls weekend in Las Vegas!

Celebrate You wall in The Venetian

Where to stay

One important thing to remember when planning a trip to Las Vegas is that you can save a lot of money and time if you stay somewhere centralized on the Las Vegas strip. We decided on The Venetian and it was absolutely beautiful. We booked the two queen suite. It had a beautiful view of the strip and pools. Spacious, clean, and perfect for a couple friends to share. I also liked how luxurious this hotel was compared to some of the others we looked at. Totally worth the money if you don’t mind spending a bit extra.

Sitting room in our suite at The Venetian

What to do

Las Vegas has so much to do from lounging at one of the many pools, unique bars and clubs, tours and experiences, and even shopping. We did a lot in the 4 days we were there. We pre-booked at Vegas Indoor Skydiving which was a fun, unique experience especially if you have always wanted to try it out. We also did the gondola ride at our hotel and if you haven’t experienced it before, it’s totally worth it!

Indoor Skydiving at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Places to go

One of my favorite places we went while in Las Vegas was Omega Mart at Area 15. If you are looking for something unique to do, Omega Mart is illuminating! Although Area 15 is not located directly on the strip, it’s close by and a must visit when in Las Vegas. It’s family friendly, but also has more adult areas within. By far some of the best food and drinks we had the whole trip! If you are looking to get a little remembrance of your trip, stop at one of the many tattoo shops in Las Vegas. We went and got butterflies on our ankles.

Omega Mart at Area 15

Where to eat

Las Vegas offers a huge variety of food options depending on what you are craving. Sugar Factory was such a fun and unique dining experience that’s located in the Miracle Mile shops. We also grabbed some boozy ice cream one afternoon which was delicious! One evening for dinner we went to Dicks Last Resort which is sure to be both fun and humorous. There are many fine dining options all along the strip.

Sugar Factory Las Vegas

Las Vegas tips

We decided to fly instead of driving the almost 8 hours and I’m so glad we did. It cost us less than $200 round trip each and then we just ubered.

Loading into our plane

I recommend signing up for the players club membership at the casinos to get special discounts and deals. It’s totally free! You can save a lot of money by signing up for the membership to get money off rides and more.

You get money off the gondola boat rides with a Venetian Players Card

Plan your activities ahead of time because lines can get long! Go out earlier to avoid the crowds.

We went to the Atomic Salon show at The Venetian which we pre booked and selected the earliest available to get the best seats.

If you plan to drink, buy your alcohol from the convenience store. Just one drink at the pool cost $30! Las Vegas is known for expensive drinks so beware and pay attention because it will add up fast.

Poolside at The Venetian

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If so, what was your favorite thing?

Deliciously unique food at Area 15
Omega Mart
Sugar Factory Las Vegas
Boozy ice cream is a must when in Vegas!
Exploring the strip
Lounge aesthetic in The Venetian
Indoor sky diving



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