Don’t just exist, live!

Don’t just exist, live” has been one of my favorite quotes for the last couple years. Far to often, we just exist instead of really living. We go through the motions. We get up, work, and come home to the same old routine. But what about your passions? What about your hopes and your dreams? When we solely exist, we allow fear to control our lives. Simply existing in life may be easy, and not nearly as scary, but when you begin to live, truly live, you open up yourself to a whole new world of possibilities. I made it my mission a couple years ago to stop just existing, and get out and live. So why haven’t you?

There is so much more to life than what often meets the eye. Have you ever just stopped and wondered “What truly makes me happy?”. It’s different for everyone, but for me it would be traveling, my family, exercising, connecting with others, reading, sunshine, and photography. Find things and people that make you happy!

Sure, it may not be easy to figure out. So I encourage you to get out and try. Try new hobbies, go for a solo trip, or even do something new as a family.

Wondering how to live and not just exist? Try these…

Create a dream board. Search the web and find things you love or things you want. No matter if it’s a dream trip, a new hobby, an outfit, or even a career goal, put it on your dream board. Then start your planning! Make that dream board a reality.

Try new things. Trying new things can be scary, but it also can be an eye opener. Go try new food. Try a hobby like sewing or hiking. Take yourself on a date. Step away from your cubicle.

Get outside and go adventure! One of my favorite ways to live life fully is to go adventure! No matter if it’s locally, by car, or by plane, go see new places and enjoy all that this beautiful earth has to offer.

Eliminate what brings you down. Evaluate your life and see what can be eliminated or changed. For example, cut out a time during your day to be internet and phone free to leave you time to explore other things in life. Cut out people who don’t bring you happiness. Look at your current life and find what you may not be happy with.

Create a bucket list. Create a list of things you may have always thought about and make it happen! Kiss in the rain. Find love. Try exotic food. Find somewhere to volunteer.

Find what makes you laugh. Laughing is truly the best medicine! Find what makes you laugh and hold it close.

Live in the now. I’m a planner. I love creating and sticking to plans. But sometimes it’s better to just live in the now! Wake up and be spontaneous.

A wise man once said that we only live once. Stop wasting time and go live! Get out of your comfort zone. Find what makes you happy. Turn your dreams into a reality. Stop just existing, and go live!



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