Easy Caprese Salad

Who said that salads have to be boring? We are ringing in the new year with a new favorite salad! No matter if you want to eat this salad for lunch or dinner, or maybe even as a side to a main dish, it is sure to be a hit. Matt and I have some big health goals this year which means we are working hard on eating better. This caprese salad is fresh, tasty, and so easy to make. We love adding Cherubs to it! NatureSweet Cherubs are healthy and a source of many other essential vitamins and minerals. Handpicked off the vine at the peak of perfection, they are deliciously fresh and always bursting with flavor, making them the perfect final touch to any salad.

Caprese Dinner Salad


•Mixed salad greens

•NatureSweet Cherubs

•Chopped red onion


•Mozzarella pearls

•Balsamic vinaigrette

•Balsamic cream


Step 1. In a mixing bowl, add mixed salad greens, NatureSweet Cherubs, chopped red onions, and olives. Toss together.

Step 2. Drizzle balsamic vinaigrette and balsamic cream. Top with mozzarella pearls and enjoy!

We have been enjoying this salad at least twice a week! I love how easy and fresh it is. An easy way to help hit any health goal you may have this year.



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