Buddy the Elf shenanigans

Christmas is only a few days away which also means our Elf is getting ready to head back to the North Pole. When we decided to begin this fun new tradition, I was so nervous! We had tried before, but hadn’t been very successful. I am proud to say this time around has been a huge success and a ton of fun! The kids love Buddy. He is always the first thing the kids look for when they wake up each day. They’ve been so excited to see what Buddy the Elf has been up to they even wake up a little earlier! Cue more caffeine for mom and dad…

If I’m being completely honest, my husband and I have actually had a blast thinking of fun new ideas! Each night before we went to bed we would talk together and think of something new. It was so exciting getting to see how excited the kids were each day after we created a fun set up of his him somewhere around the house.

Besides a few nights, Buddy didn’t get to mischievous! We wanted our Elf on the Shelf to be fun, but not disastrous through out the house. Some days he just moved around. Some days he brought something fun for the kids. Some days he had fun with things around the house. So let’s have a quick look at a bit of what our friend Buddy the Elf has been up to over the last few weeks…

Buddy made some window art!
“I Poop’n Love You” was one of the kid’s favorite Elf on the Shelf days!
Buddy got hungry one night!
He even got adventurous and decided to climb up to the top of our high vaulted ceiling!
One morning he brought new Christmas mugs and hot chocolate bombs to enjoy!
Buddy even decorated gingerbread houses to share with the kids.
Some days Buddy decided to sit back and relax.
Buddy also got a little hungry so he had a snack!
Buddy wasn’t too messy this month, but he got bored one night and decided to play with Macyn’s hot wheels.

We can’t wait to continue this fun tradition as the years go on. If you do Elf on the Shelf, I’d love to hear what your Elf has been up to this month!



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