D.I.Y Christmas Wreath

Each holiday season I love buying big, beautiful wreaths to hang. The smell of fresh pine and festive style always puts me in the Christmas spirit. This year I decided to make my own! Although it is not real pine, I used some essential oils drops to help bring the smell of Christmas to life. I will be honest and admit that I have never been amazing at crafts. That is why this D.I.Y wreath is perfect for those that are beginners like myself but also master crafters just looking for a quick Christmas craft. It is also easy enough for children to help along!

All the materials needed for the wreath I found at Walmart. You can also check your local dollar store. Often they have the same materials for a little bit cheaper if you are on a budget. I still spent less than $15 and love how it turned out.

I started with a basic non lit 24″ green wreath from Walmart. While I was there, I grabbed red ribbon, gold snowflake ornaments, and one of their $1 holiday flower arrangements to use. You will also need a scissors, a hot glue gun and glue. You can design the wreath however you want using 3-4 gold ornaments without the ornaments hooks, ribbon swirled in and out, and squeezing the red berries from the $1 arrangement in between. You can also add glitter or any other items you wish. I used some of the left over ribbon and made an easy hanger that is not only efficient, but also pretty and eye appealing.

Overall, this is a fairly easy craft but perfect for anywhere in the house. I chose to hang mine in the kitchen but it would also look great in the living room, near the Christmas tree, or even in a hallway.

Stay tuned for more fun Christmas ideas in the next BlogMAS next week.



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