Reset and recharge

For many, including myself, this year has had a tremendous amount of stress and hardships. From the global pandemic, loss of jobs, and many, many days at home in order to try to curve the line. It is almost 2021, and there is no end in sight. I find myself most days dragging and I know I’m not alone. Sometimes you just need to reset and recharge. Yesterday we went to the beach. Something I didn’t even think we would be able to do this year, but we did. And it was absolutely wonderful! For a few hours, I forgot all the troubles in the world. I sat with my feet in the sand. I watched my kids run, giggle, and play carefree. I took in the ocean breeze and just let go for a bit. For a little while, I forgot about all the worries in the world. It was exactly what I needed and so much more.

I think many of us have gone with the flow of all the changes this year has brought without truly realizing what it has done to our well-being, mental health, and overall life. Yes, I know it is inevitable. But we also need to take care of ourselves. With many areas getting more strict for winter and the peak illness season, it is more important now than ever to reset and recharge ourselves. It can be as simple as getting up 30 minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book or taking a hike to get some fresh air.

10 ways to reset and recharge:

•Play music

•Have a socially distanced picnic with friends

•Declutter your digital life(I know it can be hard, but trust me it is so important)

•Try positive affirmations

•Head to the beach or mountains for a socially distanced day trip

•Drink lemon water to start your day

•Freshen up your bedroom or switch around furniture

•Start writing in a journal

•Try a new recipe or two

•Increase green vegetables and berries

Letting yourself reset and recharge is not only good for your mind, body, and soul, it is good for those around you. My kids have lost a lot this year from being out of school for months, missed visits with family, and not been able to play at simple places like their favorite parks for months on end. Watching them run around and play carefree on the beach reminded me that it is so important to make an effort to get out and let go for a bit. The world can be scary at times, and they rely on us to pick up the slack. We thankfully live in an area where we can go out to the woods or go for a hike, but many people do not.

No matter what you have faced this year, remember that you are important. Don’t get lost in all the troubles of 2020, and forget to take care of yourself. Make time for yourself. Make time to reset and recharge.



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  1. Great Info … We all need to be reminded

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