Fall Bucket List

My favorite time of the year is fall, second to Christmas of course. Fall is the time when the weather begins to cool down, pumpkin farms open, and I can finally pull out my favorite cozy sweaters. As the kids begin to get older, fall and Christmas time becomes more and more fun. The kids have a blast doing local festivities and this year we have put together a list of our top “must do’s” for a fun fall bucket list! Below is our top 10 fall bucket list!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

This is a no-brainer for fall! What is better than grabbing the family and heading to your local pumpkin patch. Find your perfect pumpkin(or two or three) and get those fall photos complete!

2. Complete a corn maze.

My kids love going in the corn maze and chasing each other. As a kid, I can remember always walking through the maze admiring how beautiful it looked as the sun shined down. Maybe even grab some fresh corn!

3. Have a Halloween movie night.

Let’s be honest, Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town are the best Halloween movies to date. Grab some popcorn, some candy, and sit down with the family enjoying a bit of the Sanderson Sisters.

4. Make homemade apple pie.

Apple pie is one of my favorites and what better season to make it in! Apples are prime this time of year and a fresh, warm baked pie brings everyone together. Don’t like Apple? Pumpkin pie is also delicious!

5. Go to a haunted house.

I used to LOVE going to haunted houses. In high school I remember going to Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, Texas and what a blast it is! This year we plan on taking the kids to a family friendly “haunted house” but I definitely recommend finding a fun one in your area!

6. Make homemade apple cider/hot chocolate.

No matter if you are a fan of apple cider or prefer hot chocolate, it is always fun to grab the recipe book and get in the kitchen. Plus, nothing beats homemade!

7. Go to a local fall festival.

So many towns hold fall festivals and they are always fun for the whole family. My kids love going to them and just like last year, we typically go to one every weekend during October if we are free. It’s also a great way to meet locals, try new fall foods/drinks, and even get some early Christmas gifts checked off of your list.

8. Go on a hayride.

Hayrides are so much fun, especially at sunset. Indigeny Reserve, a local to us distillery, hosts a fall festival every weekend during the month of October. They offer hayrides through out the apple orchards and we have so much fun even after the kids beg us to go on it a 3rd time.

9. Go apple picking and make Carmel apples.

Head to your local Apple orchard and go apple picking. Then after some fun, head back home and make homemade Carmel apples! We love adding sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips to ours.

10. Have a bonfire and enjoy some spooky ghost stories.

Sitting around a bonfire next to your loved ones is honestly a must do this fall. Gather around with some drinks and talk about the old days. Finish the night with some fun, spooooooky ghost stories.

These is our top 10 fall bucket list and I hope you guys enjoyed! We have already crossed a few of these off our list but still have a few more to complete before the end of fall. Fall is the time to breath, relax, and soak in the fall colors. Don’t be afraid to step out of your element and make new memories.



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