Huntington Beach

During our trip in Southern California, I made Matt promise to take me to the beach. Growing up, the beach was my favorite place and I can remember telling my dad someday I would live next to the beach. We have taken the kids a few times but always to Northern California beaches. We stayed at Clementine Hotel & Suites so I decided to see which beach was closest, which happened to be Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach, also nicknamed Surf City for its awesome waves, is commonly known for its 8.5 miles of beautiful beach, mild climate, and endless sunshine. Located in Orange County just 35 miles south of Los Angelos, it is a charming community with lots to do.

We woke up, had a quick bite, and headed to the beach ready for our toes to be nestled into the sand and breath in some salty air. It was still a bit early when we arrived so there was a bit of an over cast but slowly the bright blue began to peak through. First we headed straight to the beach to play and find some shells. The kids loved out running the waves and watching the surfers. We walked along the beach awhile till reaching the pier and did some more exploring.

Macyn had a blast watching the locals play volleyball and we grabbed a quick snack at Zack’s before walking the pier. Made of concrete, it is the longest pier in Orange County stretching over 1800 feet long. Giving some of the best views, sunsets, and fun spots to chill with a cold drink.

Huntington Beach has so much to offer everyone no matter if you want to hit up the skate park, learn how to surf, each some good food, or walk along the palm trees. Here are my top 5 best things to do while visiting Huntington Beach.

Top 5 Things To Do When Visiting Huntington Beach:

• Learn how to surf! Taking up surfing with a HB Surf School for $75. Tel: 714-658-6873 or visit them at

• Visit Main Street in Downtown! Shops, good food, and fun locals. Every Tuesday night there is a farmers market filled with fresh fruits and vegetables! Park a few blocks away and walk for free parking.

• Explore Bolsa Chica Wildlife! It is free and filled with wildlife that is sure to be fun for the whole family. With 1,400 acres of beautiful land, pelicans, owls, and hummingbirds are among the many wildlife that calls Bolsa Chica home.

• Ride a bike! Grab yourself a bike rental for only $10 a day at Bargain Bike Rentals. Ride your bike down the pier or along the cement path of the beach. Tel: 714-362-5868

Grab a bite to eat! Gather the family or your friends, and head over to one of the many restaurants in Huntington Beach area. Dukes, 25 Degrees, Lemonade, and Sandy’s are all great options.

Huntington Beach was such a fun adventure and I can’t wait till we go back. With such a beautiful beach, friendly locals, and great attractions, it is the perfect getaway spot this summer.

Have you ever been to Huntington Beach? What is your favorite thing to do?



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