Buschman Modern Kids Table

My kids love sitting down together, drawing, and eating a snack. It’s a special time of bonding and the more they grow, the closer it brings them together. When we decided to redo their room since it was so crunched and outdated, I knew I needed to get the perfect table for them. My top requirements were a more neutral look and something that would last them longer than the average one I would pick up from Walmart, which let’s be honest, wasn’t long. Buschman kids table set is not only a sleek, modern design but also affordable and durable so you can look forward to watching many memories take fold. The moment my kids saw it in their room, they ran excited and sat down to start their daily sensory play. Having a table for our children is a necessity. It’s a place for them to focus, learn, and of course, have fun!

The set comes in a good sized box! It arrived quickly with easy to understand instructions filled with everything but a screwdriver! It took my husband and me only about 15 minutes together to assemble the table and two chairs. Once set up, the table and chairs were remarkably sturdy and looked fantastic sitting besides the kids art wall.

With bucket style seats, it makes for a comfy yet sturdy chair for toddlers and children.

As a mother of both a boy and a girl, we try to stray away from specific colors and stay more neutral for the bigger furniture items such as a table. At the same time, we also try to keep it fun and less boring. What I love most about this table set is the fun design. My son loved the design of the rods underneath both the table and chairs as well as the white circle top. It keeps it fun for them all while keeping a modern and sleek appearance. This table and chairs set is perfect for all occasions no matter if it be for the day to day craft or meal times. It’s light enough to move from room to room but still heavy enough to be safe in a child’s room. A huge plus for us is also the fact that the table is plenty big for both of the kids(plus probably one more) to have their own space and materials.

This table has been a dream and a perfect addition to our kids room renovation. We are beyond pleased with our choice and look forward to watching to kids grow with it.

Purchase your table set here.



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