SlimMuch Supercharged Teas

Health and wellness has become a passion for me. I went from being 2 months post partum tired and unmotivated weighing 276 to 10 months later 176 pounds and 4 sizes down feeling amazing and healthier than I had been in years. But one thing I have learned is you can never reach and maintain your goals without continuing your wellness growth and working hard every single day. I came across SlimMuch while searching for new products to add to my daily intake to help my stay healthy and on track. SlimMuch has designed three blends of all natural supercharged teas and I am telling you exactly why you need to add them to your daily regimen!

SlimMuch has three blends all tailored to your needs!

  1. Weight loss
  2. Energy boost
  3. Bedtime

SlimMuch products are an effective way to help boost your metabolism, fight bloating, release toxins, and lose weight!

SlimMuch Slim&Trim

Slim&Trim is the perfect tea to jealous kick start your weight loss surgery. With green tea and goji berry, it is my new favorite that I have used for helping me stay away from sweets, boosting my metabolism, and jump starting my metabolism. Easy to make and a great berry like flavor, it’s easy to stick to your healthy eating.

SlimMuch Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey helps you gain focus, get energized without the jitters, and boost your metabolism. With a crisp peach taste, it is surely to wake you up and get you going!

SlimMuch Nighty Night

Nighty Night is giving you the ability to sleep better all while reducing stress, eliminating the toxins your body has been holding on to, and giving you a better sleep. Slowly fall fast into a sweet dream with Nighty night to your aid.

What I love most is SlimMuch is that at the end of every order you make, you will be given a choice of what charity to donate on your behalf. Yes, SlimMuch has made it to where every item sold, a percentage goes directly to a cause or charity of your choice. Standing dear to my heard, I love a company who both has awesome product as well as an awesome cause.

Made with only the best natural ingredients, Vegan, and Gluten Free, all three teas are a perfect addiction to your day.

Shop SlimMuch here



Product was gifted by SlimMuch but all opinions are my own.

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