We bought a house!

Even as I write this blog, I begin to cry happy tears. We did it! We bought a house that we can raise our kids in that is in the perfect location in the town we wanted with the most beautiful view of the mountains. How is this even real?

Growing up both my husband and I didn’t have just one home. We moved a lot and I can remember moving schools often through out my childhood. We didn’t want that for our children. We wanted stability. We wanted a sense of community and home for them that we never had.

Let’s rewind back 5 years ago to 2016. We made the move to California with only what we could carry. I would be lying if I didn’t admit the first 2 years were HARD! We were broke and there were many, many stressful days that turned into weeks and months. Many people didn’t know, but we truly were struggling. Matthew and I have never once stopped working towards our goals though! Early last year we paid off all of our remaining debt and became debt free. We worked hard on building our credit and our savings. When the pandemic hit, we were stuck at home with nothing to do. Thankfully both of our jobs weren’t effected, but it left a lot of down time to watch Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper. One day we were sitting there and got the wild idea to buy a house and make it our home. I mean it couldn’t be that hard right?

Within a week, I was searching Zillow just after the shutdown happened in March when I stumbled upon THE house. It had the beautiful wrap around deck I wanted, a huge yard, a amazing view of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the exact size we had been hoping for, and drumroll… it was within our target price range! But when I called to inquire about it, the realtor told me it had just went under contract. I was honestly so bummed. Something in my heart told me this was THE house. So weeks went by and I continued to search in hopes we would find something. While on a work trip, I stumbled upon the same house that had gone under contract but this time it showed as available. I called the realtor immediately and later that day we went to see it! We fell in love with the house even though it needed work and updating. By some miracle, or maybe even destiny, the house became ours.

We have poured our heart and soul into this house. We nearly gutted the entire inside and updated every single room. New floors, paint counters, lighting, and so much more(I’ll share more photos later on all of the beautiful transformation). My vision turned into a reality and I still feel like I need to pinch myself to wake up.

We still have some big projects planned this year, like kitchen backsplash, the deck, French doors, etc, and I am so excited to continue to share our house journey with you all.

I never in a million years believed that in our 20’s, we would be home owners, debt free, and living the life we used to dream about. It has not been an easy road to say the least, but we did it!

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
We still have a few plans for the kitchen, but it has come so far since we first saw the house.
Living Room Before
Living Room After
Downstairs Bathroom Before
Downstairs Bathroom After

And many more photos of before, during renovations, and after…

Stay tuned for more updates and house projects!



4 thoughts on “We bought a house!

  1. Congratulations …

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    1. Thank you! Hope you both are doing well.


  2. Congratulations! It’s looking amazing and still has so much potential!

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